When we were brainstorming for higher percentage bars, we wanted to use beans with distinctive flavours and Chuncho beans came up to our mind as the first choice.

 Our initial test was 100% Cacao which was wonderful but we wanted to add a tiny bit of sugar to take the edge off while reserving the flavours of 100%. You will be able to taste the full complex flavours of Chuncho beans in this bar.

Chuncho cocoa beans are one of the most interesting flavours we've ever worked with. They come from small cocoa pods growing in the southern sierra (highlands) and the beans are small. Chocolate made from Chuncho beans have beautiful notes of fragrant  flowers, and cherries. 

Tasting note: Dried flowers, cherries

Cocoa beans: La Convención, Cusco, Peru

Ingredients: Cocoa beans, sugar


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